Meet Valentino!

Hello, my name is Margarita and I have adored animals my whole life. “The Animal Lady” character in this book is based on the real-life adventures I have with my bunny named Valentino, and our animal family. I was exceptionally blessed to have a mother who recognized, understood and nurtured my passion for animals, which defines a large part of who I am today and why I relate to animals as I do. Some of my greatest memories are of bringing home lost pets, and instead of being told “NO,” I was told “YES!” This brought with it such affirmation and a sense of well-being that has followed me my entire life. When I think of how many children may have brought home a stray kitten and been told NO, a puppy and told NO, a FISH and told NO, NO, NO… it brings tears to my eyes. Animals, and especially pets, are a gift from God. Animals live in the moment and are loyal beyond words. They are pure love and they are healing which is why there are so many animal groups that minister to the sick, the elderly and the suffering. 

I have always had cats and dogs, and today I have three dogs named Miro, Lucca and Sparky. I also have a beautiful horse called Pandereto, which means “Tambourine” in Spanish. However, I always wanted a bunny. I also had a beta fish named “Poisson,” which means “fish” in French. When he died, I was heartbroken. I went to the pet shop to see about finding a new fish, and it was there that I laid eyes on Valentino for the first time. If ever there was destiny, then this was it! The minute I held him, I knew we were meant for each other. I felt a sense of peace and Valentino let me know he felt the same way by gently licking my finger.

Rabbits are such interesting animals. The first thing I noticed without really
understanding this species, is that one must approach them on their terms. In other words, “Think and act like a rabbit!” They are a very sensitive animal and their nature first and foremost is to survive. They have an excellent sense of smell and panoramic vision, allowing them to see everything behind as well as in front of them. They react to the slightest stimuli and are aware of absolutely everything. Anxiety is particularly contagious to rabbits, meaning you have to be calm — and herein lies the beauty of this relationship. It forces one to be peaceful and quiet regardless of anything else. I started noticing my pattern of turning to Valentino when upset, and knowing I had to be calm
for him, made me calm for ME! I also noticed that when other people encountered him, they were warmed by his presence and driven by curiosity to stroke his soft fur. So, I started imagining how I could make this bunny a comfort for others as well, and that's how the Valentino The Love Bunny book series came to be. 

If you are thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet, keep in mind that this is an animal that needs specialized care and attention. If you provide your bunny with all the things they need, you will be rewarded with an amazing companion that will provide you with abiding love. I hope you will continue to visit this site for  bunny tips, information on the real-life Valentino and updates on upcoming books. Or visit the contact page to join our mailing list!