About the Author: Magarita Fairbanks

Margarita Fairbanks was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and was raised in Santa Barbara, California. She has traveled extensively to different parts of the world and considers herself a global citizen. She lived in France for a number of years and is trilingual.

She experienced the contrasts in different cultures and is inspired by the universal truths of the human spirit. This, coupled with a life-long passion for animals, motivated her to create The Love Bunny book series, based on her own pet bunny, named Valentino. Animals have long been regarded as having therapeutic qualities for humans and it is Margarita’s belief that there is a great deal to be learned from them.

Through her special relationship with Valentino, Margarita imagined a world that would embrace the magic of a soft black and white bunny with hearts on his face and a remarkable capacity to generate love and comfort in people. The stories are based upon this phenomenon and Valentino’s real life adventures. Margarita’s vision is to use the book series as a platform to effect change and bring back traditional values that are sorely needed in today’s society.