Valentino The Love Bunny is a 10-book series for children, parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone who likes bunnies! The books are designed as heirloom keepsakes, to be passed down from one generation to the next. We are proud to present Book One entitled Valentino the Love Bunny and How He Came to Be.



We first meet Valentino, a charming, 3lb 4oz Netherland Dwarf bunny, at the pet shop. A customer called “the Animal Lady” falls in love with him and decides to provide him with his “forever home.” She names him "Valentino The Love Bunny" because of his distinguishing features: a black heart around his right eye and a heart on his left cheek. His confident and engaging nature allows him to quickly become friends with his new animal family consisting of Sparky, a small, spunky dog, two black standard poodles named Miro and Lucca, and a paint horse called Pandereto.

In this introductory tale, Valentino learns the meaning of his name and his purpose in life, which is to spread love, comfort, joy and wisdom to people and animals alike. The 10-book Valentino the Love Bunny series will take readers on exotic travels to far-flung places around the world with this most unusual bunny as their guide. All along the way, he teaches readers about people, creatures, environments, cultures, problems and solutions.

The stories are designed to create an oasis for children where they can learn essential, universal messages about love, kindness, tolerance, charity, hope, learning one’s purpose in life, confidence, good manners, accountability and respect for the Earth.





In Book 2, Valentino The Love Bunny Takes Flight, Valentino is curious about the world around him and how he can fulfill his purpose in life. While spending time in The Animal Lady's garden, he observes Chuparosa, the humming bird, some monarch butterflies and his froggy friends as they take flight. Valentino wants to do this too! But how, he wonders. With the help of his animal friends he begins to learn the power of imagination and determination, and that trying something new, like flying, takes practice and patience.

One day The Animal Lady takes Valentino holiday shopping with her. They go to her favorite bookstore where together they discover the perfect gift for her grandchildren - a beautiful picture book on the history of flight. That evening, The Animal Lady shares this book with Valentino, not knowing the huge effect it will have on him.

Valentino learns to reach for the sky, and that if you can dream it you can do it. He comes to understand that it takes hard work and belief in yourself to achieve your goals.





In Book 3, Christmas In Mammoth With Family & Friends, Valentino and his forever family fly to Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra Mountain range. It's his first trip away from home and he's excited to venture into the world. This trip is very special because it's Christmas time, the season for goodwill toward others.

As the happy family prepares for their traditional holiday celebration, Valentino has ideas of his own! He makes friends with a tiny mouse who's all alone in the woods. The bunny invites his new friend to get warm by the fire and hatches a plan that allows him to use his gift of love in a big way.

It's Christmas Eve - the coldest night of the year - and while the family sleeps, Valentino springs into action. He secretly gathers together mountain animals into the 'Great Room" of his cozy home and magic happens!

Valentino helps his mouse friend overcome his fear and sadness, turning them into forgiveness, courage, charity and joy. He teaches all the animals that there are different ways to be a family. Whether it's the one you're born into, or one you create with friends - family is the most important gift of all.