About the Illustrator: Suzan Duval

Suzan Duval is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in a 5th generation Southern California family.  She always enjoyed sketching animals and flowers, and during the time she raised her two children, this was a preferred family pastime. Her art evolved into tile painting, creating faux finishes, wall murals, and architectural renderings. After a debilitating injury on her right wrist, she used her painting skills to strengthen her hand, and in the process, produced many works of art.

While assisting as a caregiver for author Margarita Fairbanks’ mother, Bibi, Suzan was introduced to the real-life Valentino. She connected to his unique qualities and fell in love with the mission he represented. Margarita immediately recognized that Suzan was destined to breathe life and personality into the Valentino character and The Love Bunny book series. As Suzan puts it, “It’s not just a job, it’s a calling and I’m honored to be creating illustrations for his many adventures.”

Suzan resides in Santa Barbara, California.