In May another exciting opportunity arose with the chance to be a part of the 31st annual "I MADONNARI" chalk art festival. It was a three day festival held on the grounds of the Old Mission Santa Barbara that celebrates the art of street painting with chalk. It benefits the Children's Creative Project,  a non-profit enrichment initiative for the local schools.   Valentino The Love Bunny sponsored an 8 X 12 foot space with the message of spreading love everywhere he goes. We must never forget that there can NEVER be too much love, ever.  Margarita Fairbanks and her team of "Art Angels" headed by Suzan Duval, illustrator of the Love Bunny book series, delivered an inspiring and visually stunning original work for the occasion. Over the three days hundreds of people met Valentino for the first time and learned of his purpose in life, which is to spread his message of love, hope, and joy all around the world. Valentino isn't just for children, older people also love his softness and warmth. Meet Virginia, a beautiful 88 year old lady who was enchanted by him and because Playful Valentino the Love Bunny plush toy looks so life like, she thought he was real. When she held him, she kissed him and fell in love with him and there was no doubt he had to go home with her. There is nothing better than seeing little Valentino bring joy and comfort! Get your own Valentino The Love Bunny book and toys at http://amzn.to/1Sd6wuV and remember....SPREAD THE LOVE everywhere you go!