Shriner Valentino Gifted to Shriners Children's Hospital

In May, author, Margarita, and illustrator, Susan, presented to Shriners a beautiful painting of  Shriner Valentino. The painting will be placed on a wall next to the door children go through on their way to surgery. Valentino can bring joy with his presence and is honored to bring smiles and comfort to these brave kids. Valentino's message of LOVE is a message for all of us, any age, anytime. In the painting, the first child in the lower right-hand corner is seen missing a limb, but still able to have fun. As images progress clockwise, the children then receive prosthetics which enhance their lives and make them "whole." The theme is to show that happiness is possible even without the limb and ultimately highlights how Shriners changes and improves lives by replacing these limbs. Shriners works with the whole child to make them feel confident and good about themselves in spite of any handicaps. Thank you Shriners Children's Hospital for the work you do!!!