Valentino The Love Bunny Comes Alive!

In November, 2014, my first book, Valentino The Love Bunny and How He Came to Be, was published!

This book is a dream come true for my mother, “Bibi” Fairbanks and me, which took over 5 years of vision, passion and hard work. During this time, I embraced my mother’s encouraging words to follow my heart and create a body of work that would be our legacy. The Valentino draft manuscript was nearing completion at the time of my mother’s passing in October of 2014. Losing her left me with a huge sadness in my heart and a loss of equilibrium in facing the future. Yet Bibi’s voice remained strong and present, guiding me toward light, love and purpose, which are central themes in Valentino.

The process of creating this book has allowed me to take a personal and professional journey. It helped me heal from the absence of my mother’s physical presence and gave me a creative outlet. I created my own company, am working with an exciting team and  the future is bright. Book 1 of a 10-book series is completed and complemented by two models of plush toys modeled after "Valentino,” my own real-life bunny, a source of comfort and joy. I’m forging strategic business alliances and philanthropic partnerships, which give me a way to give back to society by helping vulnerable women, children and animals in need.

 I am so thankful for my family’s support and the knowledge that Bibi’s love surrounds me every step of the way as I enter this new, exciting phase of my life!